18 photos from the past showing that the world has really changed

Life moves incredibly fast. Just 20 years ago, the internet was still in its infancy. We swore by chat rooms and our first mobile phones. We sent tons of postcards while on vacation. Wasn’t life great back then? Not really. It took more time to do everyday tasks and especially to meet people.

The world is changing, and we have to adapt to it. Is it time to put the past in the past? No, by going back, nostalgia overcomes us. Just see what you experience when you look at these few photos.

1. A school dance in the 1950s

© Meunderwears / reddit 

2. 1938 Parade of Athletes

© History of Russia and its people / vk  

3. Non-resident Alien ID card, 1943

© Lajwah70 / reddit  

4. The car of the future, designed by Bob Riley

5. Vladimir Zworykin presenting the electronic TV in 1929

© Smithsonian Institution / commons.wikimedia.org  

6. A cheetah going for a walk at the Amsterdam airport in 1961

© Anefo / commons.wikimedia.com  

7. The Atlas Space Station in 1958

8. NASA scientists posing with their calculations on a big blackboard

© SirPaulMcCartney_ / reddit  

9. This is what United Airlines flight attendants looked like in 1930.

10. Here’s Apple’s first "computer," created by Steve Wozniak.

© Ed Uthman / commons.wikimedia.org 

11. When you get your pilot license in the 1940s…

© jpgrandsam / reddit  

12. Children sleeping outside after lunch at a Moscow maternity hospital in 1958

© qasqaldag 3 / reddit  

13. The first selfie was taken in 1900!

© unknown / commons.wikimedia.org  

14. 3D movies were already a reality in 1951 at the Festival of Britain in London

© The National Archives UK / commons.wikimedia.com  

15. The first machine for giving perms, created by Icall in 1923

© Louis Calvete / commons.wikimedia.org  

16. Futuristic technology from the past can sometimes make you smile

17. A crater created after a nuclear bomb test

© Atomic Energy Commission / commons.wikimedia.com  

18. Dance lessons in the Soviet Union

© vk.com