18 photos that mark the passage of time

In today's world, we often don't take our time. We don't take the time to look back, to pause for a minute and take stock of how things have changed, whether we're thinking about our family, friends or personal progress...

And yet, time flies at a breakneck speed. We may wake up one day and notice our first grey hairs or that we have a bald patch developing. We know that we can't wind back the clock and it only makes us more nostalgic. Which brings us to the following fascinating selection of photos that mark the passage of time...

1. Older, but no wiser?

© maxxhock / reddit  

2. A very well-used piano

© ShinigamiDady / reddit  

3. A hairdresser's 'circle'

© DaxelW / reddit  

4. A historical spoon

© Alta1971 / reddit  

5. Mid-clean!

© smallsnail89 / reddit  

6. A former bunker

© thegreywolf17 / reddit  

7. Old vs new vacuum cleaner

© _hornbag_ / reddit  

8. 10 years separate these 2 photos

© Gordondel / reddit  

9. When you and your grandad compare knives!

© hobolo_sapien / reddit  

10. Wear and tear at the National Zion Park

© EnumuShiki / reddit  

11. The Nashville Parthenon's lion

© WareTheBuffaloRome / reddit  

12. Thousands of games have been played on this ping-pong table

© Dardan311 / reddit  

13. When a waterfall carves a staircase

© AssSombrero / reddit  

14. A man who prayed at the same spot for years

© Reinhard Krause / Reuters  

15. A new vs used towel

© hanshotfirst420 / reddit  

16. Shiny braille from having been read so many times

© nthdayoncaprica / reddit 

17. This truck driver's face has aged more on the side next to the window

© 4RCH4N63L / reddit 

18. A tree envelops a tomb

© Snowfan / reddit