18 photos guaranteed to arouse our curiosity

Curiosity allows us to discover new things and experiences. It brings out our inner detective as we strive to find out more about the world in which we live.

Curiosity can make us question our beliefs, our achievements and fuel a desire to expand our knowledge. Which is what makes the following selection of photos so interesting - an insight into the stranger things that we may encounter during our lives. So, settle down an enjoy the following surprising and amazing facts. Have you ever seen any of these before?

1. A curly-haired cat!

© gingermoll / imgur  

2. When your BFF is an eagle

© unknown / imgur  

3. Ever wondered how electricity pylons are installed?

© jaycrew / reddit  

4. Straight out of a horror movie!

© JonSnuu69 / reddit  

5. A cylindrical M&M's!

© unknown / imgur  

6. Banana triplets!

© Anne1Frank / reddit  

7. These square donuts are 27% bigger than round ones, but don't take up any more space

© usernumbersix / imgur  

8. A grain of rice next to the smallest computer in the world!

© umich  

9. A maize labyrinth in Bristol

© Rexnefx_ / reddit 

10. This airport has games consoles to keep passengers entertained while they wait

© ToxicSteve13 / reddit  

11. An apple tree with hundreds of apples and no leaves

© even_onacloudy_day / reddit  

12. A Japanese coin that's so light it floats!

© chriskokura / reddit  

13. Black toilet paper

© bart59 / reddit  

14. A rainbow chili

© dimatteo702 / imgur  

15. A little crab hiding in a mussel

© jaredjeya / reddit 

16. They stayed that way for over 8 hours!

© peternjuhl / reddit  

17. When snow settles in between paving stones

© unknown / imgur  

18. A tiny snake!

© foxhound242 / reddit