18 people whose height can make life tricky

Humans come in all shapes and sizes... And some of us are born really short or really tall, which can make life tricky. Admittedly there may be advantages, for example the taller the better when it comes to basketball!

Being really tall can be a challenge - not enough leg space in a bus, having to bend down when going through a doorway, being unable to fit in the bath... Here are just some of the problems faced by tall people around the world.

1. Stretch and enjoy the view

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2. So much for a relaxing bath!

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3. High ceiling, low light

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4. When your nurse needs to stand on a desk

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5. Blind cooking

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6. Curling up on a bus

7. Mind your head!

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8. Get down on bended knee

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9. When everything is too low

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10. When you need to do this to drink from a water fountain

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11. At least they could remove a ceiling tile

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12. One very long neck

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13. Maybe he should try sitting down

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14. Flying's not for everyone

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15. When a mom wants to hug her son

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16. The photobooth

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17. Looking forward to a nice hot shower

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18. When you're taller than the ceiling