18 people who weren’t expecting what they got

Life is all about making plans. Many people like to plan out their daily lives. It's about getting organized and leaving no room for the unexpected. Or, at least, reducing the risk that something will cause trouble in the course of the day.

For the most extreme planners, vacations are even planned to the max. Every minute counts and it's about putting each one to good use. So, when the unexpected happens, it can feel like the end of the world. We can’t even imagine the following situations...

1. When you just bought a new suit and they didn’t take off the security sensor... then you have to go back to the store!

© alexgreyhead / Reddit  

2. This would normally be the highlight of your vacation, and then you get this awesome view of the Grand Canyon.

© 2cookieparties / Reddit  

3. These false teeth were supposed to give me a better smile...

© LawrenceKailey / Twitter  

4. Maybe we should just get oranges instead…

© Kmank95 / Imgur  

5. Some cans have double security, you just never know!

© IamCool / Pikabu 

6. Can’t you just picture the person controlling the fountain’s jets playing around and laughing?

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7. You get home at night and your dog has been misbehaving...

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8. When you planned on having some good avocados for dinner...

© Kaaviar / Reddit 

9. Receiving something you ordered, and it has a security alarm still on it – that’s blinking!

© F-this / Reddit  

10. My friend won a curling iron in a contest. He should be able to put it to good use...

© jayrockwell / Reddit  

11. Don’t worry, these are actually chocolates.

© Blue_Gal / Reddit  

12. “Are phones supposed to be eaten? Let me try…”

© triangleblues / Reddit  

13. It may not be the best location. Or maybe it is – you’re going to get hand sanitizer whether you want to or not!

© BenCorn4 / Reddit  

14. Here’s the “free pasta dinner” won by a couple at a casino... Looks good, huh?

© Kingfarnsworth / Reddit  

15. This is what happens when you leave the cereal box open too long.

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16. I think I’ll just use the women’s…

© catsherdingcats / Reddit  

17. I didn’t know that the Louvre had been relocated to London.

© Perkinator / Reddit  

18. The “close doors” button fell off, so apparently it was just there for looks.

© remydesp / Reddit