18 people who tried and failed at their job

We all have moments at work when we can't be bothered to do a decent job. Sometimes our lives are so busy that we get through the day on auto-pilot. Taking time out is good for us and if it doesn't impact our work then, yes, we all have moments when we're a bit slower than usual.

Some professionals, however, just simply don't care. They get their tasks done as quickly as possible, even if it means they risk losing their job. As you'll see from the following selection, some slack workers take things to a totally new level!

1. Why bother knocking on the door?

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2. One destroyed gift

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3. Why the 'i'?

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4. Legless models

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5. First and last time he did an interview for this mag!

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6. Can someone please explain this slogan?

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7. An easy-to-see screen

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8. They were either drunk or really hungover

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9. When you decide to rebel

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10. Seriously? Untouchable braille???

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11. Production line fail

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12. Break a pane to install a fan...

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13. Waking up to find your house blocked by a bus stop

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14. A Big Mac served upside down

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15. An optical illusion or bad workmanship?

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16. How not to display an ad

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17. So what next?

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18. When a professional tiler does this...

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