18 people who messed up big time

Everybody messes up at some point and, as the saying goes, we can learn from our mistakes. But sometimes our fails can cause some unexpected repercussions... 

Here are 18 people who messed up big time and their misery was shared on social networks!

1. When the guy you're interviewing thinks he'll only be in a head shot

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2. They wanted to make sure they didn't lose the keys...

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3. Guess what happened next

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4. Caroline Wozniacki proves how flexible she is...

5. She's trying to blow up her tires

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6. Seriously? Has she never seen anyone fill up a car?

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7. They didn't realize the rice cooker was electric

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8. This is why you should never park on a beach

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9. When onions morph into corn cobs

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10. Trying to be optimistic

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11. This company dyed the water pink to support Breast Cancer research.  Unfortunately the color turned out to be blood red!

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12. She thought she was buying a world map, but mistakenly purchased a map of Westeros from Game of Thrones

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13. This person needs a vacation

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14. This airline is clearly unaware of what happens if you mix Mentos with Coca Cola!

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15. Oops!

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16. At least it's not sewage

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17. Stuck there for the night...

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18. Fresh long yellow things

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