18 people who immortalized their bad day

It's just not your day. You got out on the wrong side of bed and things went downhill from there. We all know the feeling, and sometimes all we can do is let it slide and remember that tomorrow is another day.

Life is full of glitches, and some people manage to snap and share their misery. So, if you're having the day from hell, take comfort in knowing that you're not alone... Just check out the following nightmare situations!

1. How long before this falls on someone's head?

© Karteneya / Pikabu  

2. No basketball today...

© Prostoilogin / Pikabu  

3. When an opossum moves into your mailbox

© Pwrdwd / Pikabu  

4. When there's a second layer of packaging inside the cone

© DeathByDoritos913 / Reddit  

5. GPS fail

© sanchower / Reddit  

6. It arrived like this...

© SwagosaurusRekts / Reddit  

7. So how did they manage to get it into the mailbox?

© DieMensch-Maschine / Reddit  

8. Time to accept it can't be repaired

© deboto / Reddit  

9. Stuck behind an alligator

© RoddieHoyle / Reddit 

10. An ex-washbasin

© QueenAnneBoleynTudor / Reddit  

11. When the broom you used to dislodge the ball also gets stuck

© istarxh / Reddit  

12. This is so frustrating!

© Fr0st_L0cked / Reddit  

13. Mabye Thor was wreaking revenge?

© brohica / Reddit  

14. Ergonomic or broken?

© www2020 / Pikabu  

15. The photo vs reality

© virysD / Pikabu  

16. As irritating as the stuck fork!

© dericksucks / Reddit  

17. Never let a toddler near your laptop!

© Poncecutor / Reddit 

18. No one is getting out!

© Bansaiii / Reddit