18 people who had a moment of madness

We all have our moments of madness... Some people are natural jokers, while others reach that "I don't know whether to laugh or cry" moment and decide it's best to go with the flow.

From crazy ideas to good old eccentricity, here's a selection of 18 photos that prove the world never ceases to amaze us!

1. Multistorey classroom?

© 1lear1 / Imgur  

2. The perils of posing with food

© Reddit  

3. Proof that all cats love boxes!

© ZacharyIsBadAtLife / Imgur  

4. Good luck with that!

© janine99 / Imgur  

5. Either she has tons of washing up or she's preparing for the end of the world

© Tseunov / Pikabu  

6. When your son wants to play at being an astronaut and you join in the fun

© SirJukesALot / Reddit  

7. "We're hungry!"

© AjKaramba / Imgur  

8. An A-lister catching up with other A-listers!

© Fucg / Pikabu  

9. For drunk people?

© herrwoland / Reddit  

10. And you think putting snow chains on a car is hard...?

© erdknochen / Imgur  

11. Buses take to the skies

© xtgirl / Imgur  

12. How did this seagull manage to steal some dentures?

© T0TKT0 / Pikabu  

13. Next time forget take-out meals

© T0TKT0 / Pikabu  

14. We so want to know what led up to this

© AlmostMillionaire / Imgur  

15. We love this sculpture in Brussels, Belgium

© WullieBlake / Imgur  

16. Any ideas? Nope, us neither!

© Ryson / Pikabu  

17. Protection is paramount

© dbillingsART / Imgur  

18. When a mascot goes on vacation!

© redoctobershtandingby / Imgur