18 people who had a day to remember, but for the wrong reason

Life isn't always a ball and we all have days when we wish we'd stayed in bed. But that's not a choice - we just have to face up to the glitch and try our best to look on the bright side of life!

Sometimes, however, things don't improve, particularly when we realize our bad news has been captured on camera and shared with the rest of the world. We want to hide under a rock or pretend it never happened, but instead have to face the fact that our misfortune has gone viral! So, if you're someone who’s got out of the wrong side of bed, rest assured that you're not alone...

1. It's the big day and you spill a cleaning product on your expensive new shoes

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2. The reason why you were late for work

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3. When you boast to your friends about the plane's inflight entertainment

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4. He asked a stranger to take a snap during his hike

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5. Carrying people rather than the rings

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6. The day they returned from a winter vacation.

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7. Alternative calendar

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8. The split second before it all went very wrong

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9. Gazing out of the window

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10. It started off so well

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11. A futuristic neighbor

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12. And they thought it wasn't a fake

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13. Cats and cables

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14. When you invite your friends for a delicious meal, but everyone is stuck at work

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15. Now they know where the pain came from

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16. The day they got the key to their new home

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17. Someone is about to get fired...

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18. Filter fail

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