18 people who don't believe in half measures

Life is full of choices, some of which can be really hard to take, but if we want to evolve, move on or get the right result, we sometimes have to go to extreme lengths, even if our actions seem a little crazy to the people around us!

Here are 18 people who had to make a choice and decided to go the whole hog with hilarious results!

1. A marriage going up in flames... A lady who decided to celebrate her long-awaited divorce

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2. A Wii fan who managed to collect all of the 1,262 available games

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3. Someone who loves Las Vegas's casinos so much they decided to start a $1 chip collection!

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4. Because they love collecting used lighters...

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5. A lady who wanted to sell her top on EBay without anyone recognizing her!

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6. Positive vibes, but what happens if the airbag's activated?

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7. When you're too preoccupied with shooting the perfect wedding video

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8. Obama ate in this Vietnamese restaurant and the owners were so proud they put his table on display!

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9. This guy wanted to speed up his mash potatoes, so blended raw ones before cooking them...

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10. A drugstore receipt that's taller than the customer thanks to all the coupons!

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11. That's a lot of drug information!

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12. A bath meets shower meets seat

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13. A sticky tape ball... Just for the fun of it!

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14. A 'intestinal' arch to educate people about the importance of colon cancer screening

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15. A restaurant where the bread is served in a fur bag

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16. Need to quickly dry your jeans?

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17. A watch for every day of the month!

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18. This is going to haunt her for the rest of her life!

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