18 people who committed the ultimate fails

Success comes from failure. This is something that is true in sports and art, as well as in manual or even intellectual work. But this is clearly not the case when it comes to our daily lives... So when we happen to make a monumental mistake, the best we can do is to just laugh about it.

Here's how 18 fatal mistakes led people to lose their reputations, just like that!

1. When you partied too much last night and just getting ready for work was hard...

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2. It wasn’t able to support how much weight he gained.

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3. “I was just running my pen over my jeans while talking to my teacher and I didn’t realize the cap was off.”

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4. When the toilet paper roll gets away…

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5. When even computers are against you, don’t back down!

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6. When you get up and see this, you know your roommate came home drunk last night!

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7. There are morning people, and not morning people...

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8. When you wanted to patch the lawn, but you accidentally grabbed the grass killer...

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9. When you go fishing on a frozen lake…

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10. When you paint the stairs starting from the top and find yourself trapped in the basement while it dries...

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11. He bought a bouquet of asparagus for his wife for Valentine's Day, thinking it was daffodils…

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12. Part of his beard got caught in the polisher!

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13. The gas station roof collapsed on his car - he got out just in time!

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14. When you request cheese and dessert, in some hotels...

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15. The most useless barrier in the world…

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16. When you order two birthday cakes and ask them to write “Happy Birthday” on both…

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17. She got her head stuck in the door of this restaurant...

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18. When you show off in your cool convertible, but you don’t know how to put up the roof!

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