18 people who are happy to do things their own way

We all have our own way of doing things, even if most of the time we lead a normal work, eat, sleep routine! But sometimes we'll come across someone so odd-ball or unique that they deserve to go down in internet history for their crazy antics or outlook on life!

Here are 18 hilarious photos of people (or their actions) that prove they're happy with their individual approach to life's situations and assume their decisions every step of the way!

1. Because studying under water stimulates our little gray cells?

© me_irl / imgur  

2. So long as the heating works, who cares where they put the pipe?

© Vertragna / pikabu  

3. Just a quick stretch while waiting at the cashier's desk

© BeforeSleepGenius / reddit  

4. Ben Affleck's attention is elsewhere, despite the beauties in his arms!

© NRecords / pikabu  

5. For those of us who have cats who prefer to play with our screens than with their toys...

© reddit  

6. When someone can't bear being too close to other people

© n.chase / pikabu  

7. A guy whose dying to eat his ice cream, despite the car wreak behind him!

© ASer0806 / pikabu  

8. We're wondering what happened next...

© Grandmudlo1 / pikabu  

9. When you're the only single person at the party...

© Alorous / fishki  

10. Forgot your helmet, but have a watermelon to hand? A fresh, fruity solution!

© pixelated_vision / reddit  

11. When nothing else matters now that you've hooked up your gaming system!

© Cummins444 / imgur  

12. A contractor who decided to hold up a dilapidated building with just a few iron supports

© legionaire711 / pikabu  

13. The inauguration of a neighborhood trash container!

© Sosochek / pikabu  

14. There's no age limit when it comes to kids sitting in the shopping cart

© bigmanbeats / reddit  

15. When so many repairs turn a sidewalk into a messy patchwork

© Prostoilogin / pikabu  

16. Just a guy and his dog hanging out during a flood

© SpoopyKitty / reddit  

17. Please tell us this railway line is out of service!

© Buffo0n / pikabu  

18. Cats have a way of sniffing things out...

© AngelaMartin / pikabu