18 people with unusual physical characteristics

Variety is the spice of life and people are no exception! We all have different physical characteristics that make us stand out from the crowd, but some people have traits that are so awesome, they deserve to be immortalized in a biology textbook!

Some physical differences are visible, others not, but we've decided to celebrate all the unusual people out there with this compilation of astonishing photos!

1. Whatever he does, grime never sticks to his scar

© GooseZeus / reddit  

2. A very bendy finger

© moki69 / reddit  

3. Golden locks with a dark brown streak

© smsikking / reddit  

4. A very convincing false eye

© Bling-kofaneye / reddit  

5. This person has no joints in their ring finger

© hednik4am / reddit 

6. When a bruise looks like a team logo

© jolyonjolyoff / reddit  

7. Two rows of eyelashes!

© ShrodingersLitten / reddit  

8. A Chinese person with a birthmark that looks like China!

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9. Sisters who have the same mole

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10. This looks really painful!

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11. When veins form a heart

© SwedeTrump / reddit 

12. This brave guy survived major surgery after an accident

© TimeSniper / reddit  

13. 5 fingers, but no thumb

© MyLeftHand / imgur  

14. This girl suffered a burn to her eye and it changed the color of her iris

© HekticLobster / imgur 

15. A bruise to match your tattoo

© fischirocks / reddit 

16. Arthritis means this lady can't bend her fingers

© ChickenStripsAndLickinSticks / imgur  

17.  Waardenburg Syndrome can cause deafness in one ear, white hair and different colored eyes

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18. When your skin graft tans quicker than the rest

© krizzly / imgur