18 original design ideas that add a new twist to an ordinary concept

Creativity isn't something we learn - we either have it or we don't! It's about looking at the world in a different way and then having the skill to adapt it to a purpose. And some people's creativity knows no bounds!

Original ideas are one thing and we'll come across them every day of the week.  Whether they work or not is a different matter, so in honour of designers whose creativity has reached genius level, here's a selection of cool, yet functional designs...

1. When sweet treats do the trick!

© LoganJn / reddit  

2. One for animal-lovers!

© goodbeets / reddit  

3. Because plants love beer?  In moderation, of course

© halfandhafu / reddit

4. A side table that's also a work of art!

© RegularHumanSized / reddit  

5. A very curvy high-rise

© Pavarotti_Flamingo / reddit  

7. "You shall not pass..."

© TSUK1H1ME / pikabu  

8. Cool marketing!

© Ryuzaki2134 / reddit  

9. An 'edible' barcode

© peateeksamal / reddit 

10. A holographic lamp!

© Orestius / pikabu  

11. Disney fans may want to invest in this!

© francistheoctopus / reddit  

12. 3D print prosthetic arms and hands

© motoricanka / pikabu  

13. A 'crafty' lock

© MatthewMarcooooooux / reddit  

14. No excuse for littering!

© syst3m_ERR0R / reddit  

15. Clever Pepsi ad!

© ARN_01D / reddit  

16. An acrylic keyboard - one to watch out for!

© QueGettingShitDone / reddit  

17. We love these bike racks

© ElevatorMuzic / reddit  

18. A new way to tell the time!

© reddit / reddit