18 organizations that take pride in their level of customer service

Some companies around the world think as much about customer satisfaction as their profits. Obviously, money counts if an organization is to survive, but going that extra mile makes a lot of difference.

And when they do good, they love to share their goodwill across social networks. It helps us sort the wheat from the chaff, whether we're in a store or walking down a street. Here's an encouraging selection of customer service at its best!

1. A swing for wheelchair users

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2. Charge up your cell phone while you shop

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3. Never again will you get lost in the aisles

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4. Each slice has a support

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5. A vet's where dogs and cats have their own entrances

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6. Easy-to-eat coconuts

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7. A great idea for when dads and daughters are out together

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8. How to entertain the kids while you wait

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9. Another reason to stay in bed

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10. Such a genius idea!

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11. Dogs are welcome in some US and Finnish libraries

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12. Green = empty aisle, Orange = 2 people in the line, Red = more than 2 people in the line. Why can't all supermarkets do this?

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13. This town in Brazil knows how to look after its stray dogs

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14. How to pass the time in a restroom

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15. A deliciously ripe mango every time

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16. A playful elevator

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17. This store has 3D prints so you can find out what will fit in their backpacks

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18. A reading corner made of books!

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