18 of the most ridiculous playground design fails

Playgrounds are great! Slides, swings, bouncy castles, seesaws, sandpits... all that a playful child needs to keep themselves happily entertained for a few hours.  And then along comes a playground designer who clearly doesn't have kids of their own and we suddenly find our little ones racing around deathtraps or accidents waiting to happen!

Here are 18 playgrounds that range from ridiculous to dangerous - in a nutshell we wouldn't let our kids go anywhere near these places! 

1. Make sure you keep your legs close together if you don't want to be dissected in half

© AdmitOneOnly / reddit  

2. A slide that's attached to a clown's crotch...

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3. Be like Alice and slide into a (huge) rabbit hole!

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4. One way to learn about an elephant's 'nether regions'

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5. A swing that can't swing...

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6. Whoever designed or built this clearly hates kids!

© ecztazy / imgur  

7. How not to save space

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8. There's more fencing than amusements in this one

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9. When a metal gate stops your kids in their tracks.  Ouch!

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10. How to end your day in ER

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11. Looks like a vital part's missing...

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12. This looks more like a punishment than an opportunity to have fun

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13. Broken or deliberate?

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14. Mind your head or only use this if you're a really tiny tot!

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15. When the playground budget is reduced to only a few dollars

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16. In Russia they've found a way to trap kids in the trash

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17. Any ideas?  SpongeBob SquarePants on acid maybe?

© Cowsareinme / reddit  

18. How to keep your kids amused whilst you pay your respects...

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So what do you think?  Would you let your child loose in any of these or have you come across other playgrounds that seem to be more of a health hazard than a fun place to spend an afternoon?