18 little miracles in everyday life

Every day, you can have your own happiness and joy. Every day, you can enjoy the little miracles that happen before your eyes. The ordinary often hides something rare, beautiful, and unique.

Yes, you have only to move a little – sometimes close to home, sometimes far away – to explore the beauty of nature and the people who populate the Earth. And you’ll be able to enjoy miracles that happen when you least expect them.

1. Has anyone ever seen a purple grasshopper before?

© prnlc / Reddit  

2. “My cat’s paws are black and pink.”

© IAmAHiggsBoson / Reddit  

3. It’s like the landscape has been pixelated!

© PrizeFighter23 / Reddit  

4. These golf balls were stuck in a stream so long that they became smooth.

© The_Car_Fax / Reddit  

5. This broccoli flowered in the fridge!

© roosterpunk / Reddit  

6. Do you see a mask on the back of this insect?

© Courtneypunx / Reddit  

7. The shade is perfectly lined up with the blue safety line!

© MasterBiomancer1 / Reddit  

8. You won’t find a more perfect rock than this one!

© thesamenull / Reddit  

9. When you have a snail artist nearby…

© marisaspeaks / Reddit  

10. It's just a frozen puddle, but it looks like the landscape as seen from an airplane.

© SigmaNukem / Reddit  

11. Hot pink water from the faucet due to a chemical leak!

© musicaljerks / Reddit  

12. It looks like an Easter egg, but it's a real egg that broke perfectly in two.

© nightmareanatomy / Reddit  

13. When you paint the fan blades red, blue, and yellow, and it creates other colors when it turns.

© AllstarsNinja / Reddit  

14. This piece of cheese looks like a cow's head.

© Griffnelle / Reddit  

15. “I drew the same tree in my notes two years apart... without realizing it!”

© Tacosleep / Reddit  

16. The exact place where the rain stopped!

© washheightsboy3 / Reddit  

17. These melons look like seeds.

© IM_POOR_SEND_CASH / Reddit  

18. When your crayfish sheds his exoskeleton…

© WIZARD0989 / Reddit