18 kids’ riddles that will give you a hard time

If you’re all out of jokes to tell when you go out with friends from work, here’s a little help. They’re a bit childish, but still very funny. Kids seem to figure out the answers fast, but with adults, that’s another story! Tell us your score!

The answers are at the bottom of the article.


1. What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a hundred years?

2. Which tire doesn’t move when a car makes a right turn?

3. I am not alive, but I have 5 fingers. What am I?

4. What word is written incorrectly in the dictionary?

5. A truck is driving into a village and meets 4 cars. How many vehicles went to the village?

6. People buy me to eat, but never eat me. What am I?

7. We can kill or give life. We are either a poison or a fruit – you choose. What are we?

8. Which hand is better for mixing a sugar in a cup of tea?

9. Feeding keeps me alive. But give me water and I die. What am I?

10. Who moves while sitting?

11. What flies when it is born, gets bigger during its life, and melts when it dies?

12. What gets wetter as it dries?

13. The more you take away from me, the more I grow, what am I?

14. I am always somewhere between the ground and the sky, always too far away, always moving away for anyone who tries to join me. What am I?

15. I can only exist when there’s light, but direct light kills me, what am I?

16. What travels around the world while staying in the same place?

17. Every morning I do what I’m supposed to do, but every time I get screamed at. What am I?

18. I am constantly progressing and never decreasing. What am I? 

Do you know the answers? The answers are down below.


1. The letter M

2. The spare tire

3. A glove

4. The word “incorrectly”

5. Just one truck

6. A plate

7. Words

8. It’s best to use a spoon

9. Fire

10. A chess player

11. A snowflake

12. A towel

13. A mine

14. The horizon

15. A shadow

16. A stamp

17. An alarm clock

18. Age