18 items that failed to do the job they were meant to do

Some manufacturing defects make the things we buy only good for the trash.

Every item we buy has a specific function. However, there are times when you get home and try them out, only to find out they have a flaw. This flaw causes these objects to do the exact opposite of what they should.

Here are 20 photos of objects that you can just throw away.

1. The handle is so heavy it tilts the pan…

© Luwazi / reddit  

2. This pan is off balance, causing it to tip over.

© guarda-chuva / reddit  

3. An ice cube tray that breaks when you try to remove the ice cubes

© johnfogogin / reddit  

4. A soap dispenser where the soap comes out of the top instead of the bottom

© PicoDeBayou / reddit  

5. One lady bought this ramp so her little dog can climb up into her bed, but the dog just keeps sliding down.

© nogoodnamesework / reddit  

6. A colander that doesn’t let the noodles past the lip

© jenjen5308 / reddit  

7. This toaster melts its own plastic when you use it.

© Thereareways / reddit  

8. A pocket that’s so small that you can't put anything in it

© _Skum / reddit  

9. The handle gets so hot that it cannot be used to take off the lid.

© aiden_saxon / reddit  

10. A hammer that breaks the first time it gets used

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11. This fridge magnet isn’t centered properly.

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12. This plastic cup comes with a straw and a lid that makes the cup airtight. You can’t suck any liquid out!

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13. The pipette from this bottle of beard oil melted when it came into contact with the beard oil.

© DontFinishSenten / reddit  

14. A plastic kid's stove has a speaker in the sink that no longer works after you put water in it.

© UnderCoverITBoss / reddit  

15. A Lego storage box with a groove where pieces are constantly getting stuck

© Kernowder / reddit  

16. A light-up computer keyboard that makes the keys impossible to see at night

© Zvnkz / reddit   © AJmcfly / reddit  

17. A hard plastic sanitizer bottle that is too hard to squeeze to get the sanitizer out

© Noiseflux / reddit  

18. These 2 measuring cups are not the same size, but they both say they are one cup.

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