18 inventive people who just might be geniuses

We’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier. But it’s a little more complicated than that. We have to have the idea of ??the century to find solutions that are creative and work. Because that’s the most important thing.

The result is all that matters. So, the people below succeeded. So much so that calling them geniuses isn’t necessarily wrong. You have to admit that what they invented is the result of a well-constructed brain. Or maybe they’re just able to think outside the box!

1. How to make your batteries last!

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2. A creative way to seal the bag

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3. This dad needed a massage... he found a way for his son to do it!

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4. When you find a way to watch cartoons in the car…

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5. When you’re really thirsty, but the deadline looms!

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6. One of the benefits of having long hair is being able to cheat!

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7. A way to see what’s behind you while you work

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8. An ingenious way to hold your sandwich with your drink!

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9. One way to save hangers

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10. A way to recycle your old Legos!

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11. When you go on vacation, think about doing this. One bottle last for several days.

12. If it works, it's not so stupid.

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13. How to use plastic bags as trash liners!

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14. When you want to include the photographer in the photo!

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15. Here’s a tip for how to prevent your groceries from ending up all over the trunk…

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16. A good idea, except that now airplanes have screens!

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17. This bagel fits perfectly in a DVD container.

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18. When you don’t have a table...

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