18 inventions that make everyday life easier

How can we make our lives easier? This is the burning question. Many people would like to find solutions to improve their daily lives. We do this for comfort or to just make the day go more smoothly, or even to make our daily tasks go faster.

For example, making shopping faster. But we also do it so we can rest more often and do jobs with the least amount of work in some cases. Is it lazy? Maybe a little. Check out the photos below.

1. A built-in charger in a drawer needed to happen.

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2. Now you can play on your phone while you shop.

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3. This shopping cart has a magnifying glass for the elderly or visually impaired.

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4. A pillbox - water bottle combo!

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5. Vending machines now have a new market: Wi-Fi codes!

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6. Play in real life like you do online!

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7. Forgot to clean your room? Skype can blur your background!

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8. Check out this practical pocket!

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9. These notebooks can be used forever!

10. These glasses tell you the recommended face shape.

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11. This airport has seats with built-in chargers.

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12. It's a little bit like Alice in Wonderland.

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13. This USB port has 10 outputs…

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14. With this technology, your dog will never get too hot in the car. It displays the message "My owner will be back soon" and keeps the interior temperature cool.

© Tesla / youtube   © Tesla / youtube  

15. This device kills bacteria and only puts make-up where you want it.

© Opte Skin / youtube   © Opte Skin / youtube  

16. One end for salt, and the other for pepper!

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17. This shower head tells the exact water temperature.

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18. Special bags to put on your head when trying on clothes (so you don’t leave cosmetic stains).

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