18 incredible photos of objects, gadgets and animals from across the ages

The world evolves with the times. However, the latest inventions don't always outdo innovative objects from another era, which in turn revolutionized the world back then.

So, if you think you've seen it all, read on and you'll have to agree that we live in a weird and wonderful world, whether it's down to our creativity or the work of Mother Nature herself. Here are 18 objects, gadgets and animals that we bet you never knew existed!

1. A pop-up geometry book from 1570

© Wiinner / pikabu  

2. 100 years ago, fridges took up a lot of space!

© pinkgirl1200 / reddit  

3. This contained radioactive pills that a women with thyroid problems had to take!

© Treboridos / reddit  

4. Restrooms on a space vessel

© anigma68 / pikabu  

5. How to combat the cold in Yakutia, Russia

© reg14 / pikabu  

6. Ever seen an albino turtle?

© albinoturtles  

7. People in the 19th Century took this as medicine!

© JesMan74 / imgur  

8. A hermaphrodite butterfly!

© unknown user/ imgur  

9. A black leopard - a very rare sight indeed!

10. A washing machine and mangle from the early 20th Century

© Raganele / pikabu  

11. The impressive size of a bald eagle's head!

© reney / pikabu  

12. An x-ray showing an artificial heart

© naked-science  

13. Meet Uuno, a dog that's used to for video game movements!

© Remember__Me / reddit  

14. No, it's not sinking! This vessel transports ships and even oil platforms!

© Jandalofdoom / imgur  

15. Red light allergy treatment!

© Ladybuttons / imgur  

16. A stripped down piano!

© azeng618 / reddit  

17. A bald squirrel

© lil_Tar_Tar / reddit  

18. Imagine working on this mountainside!

© 9999monkeys / reddit