18 funny photos that prove how much women value their BFF

Girl power... Women can be fussy when it comes to picking and choosing their friends, and can sometimes be over critical or even a bit jealous.  But, when it comes to their BFF, their loyalty and love knows no bounds!

Here are 18 funny photos that prove how important a girl's BFF is - and if you're a woman, you'll know exactly what we mean! 

1. When your friends make cool lights so that your photo with a slice of pizza looks impressive

© jaanemao/twitter  

2. A BFF will do anything to make your beach photo really hot!

© brookestinnette/twitter  

3. Only a best friend will get down on bended knee to help you apply your fake tan!

© Hannahh_Robb/twitter  

4. Same bracelets and rings!

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5. When you go to a different manicure parlor - but at the same time as each other!

© xelacastle/twitter  

6. Only our BFF will find and remove a stray leg hair!

© nathyalv_/twitter  

7. Or spend an hour helping you to shave the tricky parts!

© shelbyfarmerr_/twitter  

8. When your BFF leaps into the pool to keep your balloon swan at the right angle

© annahaukeli/twitter  

9. Who other than your BFF helps you zip up your dress?

© HannahMendez16/twitter  

10. This girl's BFF threw a party for her to celebrate one year since she broke up with her ex!

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11. Only a BFF will spend a day helping you decorate Day of the Dead cookies for a Halloween party!

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12. What's posted on Instagram vs how you got such a cool shot

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13. BFF's are allowed to pose in all wedding shots

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14. Best friends are always ready to throw a party - including when you get your driver's permit!

© laurenlovesyeww/twitter  

15. When your wallpaper is a photo of your BFF

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16. BFF's, the only people who let you goof around as much as you like!

© TootsyPoopster/reddit  

17. Best friends can also help to make your boyfriend jealous 

© jadavenson_/twitter  

18. When you're exhausted and your BFF spends the night organizing and packing you and your son's bags!

© MeganNahhhman/twitter  

So she didn't wake her friend, here's the photo and text message she sent, telling her what she did or didn't pack!

'You need to add several bras yourself. I left a morning bottle for Juju in the fridge. Grab several snacks for him. Your cosmetic bag, his wipes, and several diapers are in your bag together with deodorant, lotion, and 2 face masks. Don’t forget your toothbrush! Regarding Juju, his morning clothes are on the chest of drawers. I packed several pairs of shoes for him. His towel is on the airer. The rest of his diapers are in the bag (yellow).

I have packed for him:

5 sets of pajamas (marked with pink),

2 swimming trunks (blue),

2 pairs of shorts (green),

7 sets of everyday clothes (orange),

2 pairs of socks (black), and

10 bibs (white).'

How adorable is that? Proof enough that Best Friends Are Forever!