18 examples of when neighborhood relations turn sour

We can't choose who moves in next door, but how we get on with our neighbors can make or break the peace! From boundary issues, to noise or home improvements, sometimes it's not easy to compromise if our home life is being shattered or if we feel too scared to set foot outside our doors...

Sadly, there are some people who don't care about whether they get on with the people living next door and they may even deliberately do things that only increase the animosity between households. 

So, if you have the neighbor from Hell, then rest assured, you're not alone - as this selection of 18 photos proves!

1. Because taking an extra 5 minutes to clear your neighbor's steps was too much to expect

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2. When your neighbors spot your drone...

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3. The day you got home to find that your neighbor shot a hole in your wall...

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4. Next time, build a stronger wall!

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5. The lazy neighbor who can't be bothered to take out their trash

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6. Boundary line!

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7. When your neighbor asks you to feed their cat and you find the water bowl like this!

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8. Short and to the point!

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9. When you hate your neighbor, so install this on your side of their bedroom wall!

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10. “Neighbor said he’d call the cops on me if I shot fireworks off after 11pm. Challenge accepted!”

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11. This guy's neighbor hates his new truck, so he parked it behind a tree!

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12. Extreme patriotism!

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13. When you see this delivery in front of your neighbor's door!

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14. Post-Christmas clear out!

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15. Each to his own!

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16. When your neighbor mows their lawn at night

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17. These people came home to find their neighbors had torn down the fence between their properties...

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18. Social vs antisocial!

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