18 DIY cheapskates who regretted not calling in a professional

Some people believe they are natural-born DIY geniuses and would rather repair broken items than spend money on using a pro. Others are also cheapskates who tackle a job only to end up with a total catastrophe on their hands!

Here are 18 DIY enthusiasts who tried, but miserably failed... What about you? Do you recognize any of these? If so, feel free to share this article on your social media and don't forget to tag those involved!

1. How long before it bursts

2. Laying mosaic tiles isn't as easy as it looks

3. Because mixer faucets are better

4. And they didn't notice it was a faulty product

5. Seriously? 

6. The smallest, wobbliest table in the world

7. When you don't hire a professional kitchen fitter

8. The caption says it all

9. Always check the measurements before you buy a new faucet

10. Anything for a room with AC

11. Just so long as it works...

12. Avoiding a trip to the garage

13. The art of using electrical tape

14. Piles of books would have worked just as well

15. She asked her husband for a chandelier

16. Would you drive this car?

17. Who cares if it's destroyed the wall

18. They refused to follow the assembly instructions...