18 designs that may look simple, but are actually real life-changers

A lot of us tend to look for faults when it come to new ideas, and the whole "you only had one job" theme has taken social networks by storm. So, we decided it was time to celebrate the ideas and designs that improve our daily lives.

They may be simple, but they're the little details that make all the difference and many of us are extremely grateful that someone, somewhere put their creative genius to the test!

1. For those of us who hate public restrooms that don't have full-length doors!

© IsDinosaur / Reddit  

2. Stop cereal from going stale

© vvash / Reddit  

3. USB ports on planes - thankfully, these are becoming more common

© chryllis / Reddit  

4. Open doors with your foot

© msiekkinen / Reddit  

5. A public bench with integrated table!

© beetlejewsbeetlejews / Reddit  

6. A bucket that can be placed against a wall

© 1NC3PT10N / Reddit  

7. A charger that lets you hold your phone upright without damaging the cable

© Unknown / Reddit  

8. Chairs with a notch for your purse or bag!

© 2040009 / Reddit  

9. An icy bar to keep your drink cold

© Wolfos31 / Reddit  

10. Never get confused between the light and the fan again!

© hammurabi1337 / Reddit  

11. We assume it works with glasses too!

© Unknown / Reddit  

12. Tables with slots for cell phones!

© OMGLMAOWTF_com / Reddit  

13. Use your foot to select the floor - great if your hands are full!

© CarrollPC / Reddit  

14. Make sure no one steals your parking space

© nowhereman136 / Reddit  

15. For an even more enjoyable coffee break

© linkinstreet / Reddit  

16. Heated bathroom mirror that won't steam up

© -smish- / Reddit 

17. Something all changing rooms should have!

© MagicIsPrettyMagical / Reddit  

18. Call the server so they can prepare and bring your check

© Rami1106 / Reddit