18 people who took their customers for fools

Becoming a designer needs more than basic DIY skills if you're going to come up with an invention or product that flies off the shelves.  And if you even think about selling a dud, be warned that in this social network age, your fail (as well as your bad reputation) will go viral in seconds!

Here are 18 people who took their customers for fools... Our advice? Give up the day job and think of a career change! 

1. So that's why this unicorn has a smile on its face...

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2. Security at its best

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3. The least hygienic toilet in the history of restrooms

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4. Dory would be mortified!

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5. Hanging curtains in front of a skylight

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6. When your electrician has a bad day...

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7. This is why you should always test things out first!

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8. Seriously?  How did this get pass the production line?

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9. Another use for electrical tape...

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10. When someone steals your tire

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11. Would you fly in this plane?

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12. Hilarious!  Why didn't we think of this?

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13. Believe it or not, this is part of the design

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14. Way round words the wrong...

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15. Enjoy a kids-free day at Hampton Court Palace!

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16. What next?

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17. Enjoy a frozen yet hot meal...

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18. Fusion food!

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