18 couples that decided monotony wasn't welcome in their relationship

One of the fears when we enter into a long-term relationship is that we'll fall into a monotonous life. We know our partner by heart and before we know it, we're stuck in a humdrum routine. The sparkle that was once there seems to be fizzling out...

So, some couples who fear "the 7-year itch" decided to take things in hand. Nothing major, but rather little ideas to spice up their daily routine and bring fun and laughter back into their relationship. So, if you're feeling a bit stuck in a rut, check out the following photos for inspiration!

1. Fridges can be dangerous these days

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2. If you're a homeworker, you'll know how important it is to have fun

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3. "My wife wanted a new cushion."

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4. Helping her partner out with his fashion sense

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5. We wonder if his girlfriend and their cat had the same idea...

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6. Well, at least she was willing to give it a try

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7. This guy attached the dog to his wife so that he didn't need to surveil her while she napped

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8. How your dog feels when each one of you drives 

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9. "My wife moans that I never take her breakfast in bed..."

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10. This guy's wife didn't want any fuss made over her birthday

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11. When you try to understand what it means to be a new mom!

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12. "My wife told me I needed to play with the dog more."

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13. When your wife doesn't like the way she looks in a family photo

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14. He wanted to see how his wife would handle getting the car out of the garage...

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15. Just when she thought she'd lost weight

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16. "My wife thinks I'm an idiot..."

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17. "My wife wanted an original present, so I gifted her some bubble wrap"

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18. When you discover the contents of your fridge are alive!

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