18 cool images spotted on Google Street View

We love Google Street View's 360° images, but how would you feel if you suddenly spotted yourself?

Here are 18 cool sights spotted on Google Street View... Are you in any of these?

1. Caught in the act!

2. Fleeing looters

3. So what are a couple of divers doing on this road?

4. Just taking his dog for a ride...

5. Enjoying a quick nap in the sun

6. A rebellious horse!

7. If you move the view, you'll see what happened next!

8. Creepy!

9. Uh oh!

10. When you see a guy taking his blow-up doll for a walk

11. Or someone sitting down next to his toy tiger...

12. Any idea what's going on here?

13. Real-life Fast and Furious scene!

14. Seriously?!

15. Another perplexing scene

16. Heading to a fancy dress party?

17. Hilarious!  This must have been deliberate!

18. When you're searching for your house and come across two Samurai fighting in a garden...