18 cool creations and people that stand out from the crowd

Our imagination has no limit. Ditto for our creative genius! Some people, however, know how to take things to another level when it comes to their offbeat, original way of thinking and some of their ideas are nothing short of daring.

Their imagination allows them to escape into a creative world and to express themselves in a unique way - a way of opening themselves up to the world, sometimes with hilarious consequences! So, if you love the quirkier things in life as much as we do then read on...

1. This teacher has a creative way of organizing the class pencils

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2. Batman or SpongeBob SquarePants?

© twicsy.com  

3. When the groom's a hardened gamer!

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4. Awesome 'teleporting' Corgi tattoo

© arabella_wonderland / reddit  

5. This guy live streamed his Las Vegas wedding!

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6. We love this "Creation of Adam" shot

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7. Just a (female!) Storm Trooper taking a break

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8. For anyone with superpowers!

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9. Getting into the role

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10. When these guys met, they realized they had the same fan... They're now married and it seems the fans are too!

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11. A culinary masterpiece (but you must love brocolli!)

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12. A beautiful, soothing way to light up a dark room!

© jordanlikesbeer / reddit

13. Awesome or ugly?

© LoboDaTerra / reddit 

14. Innovative job search method!

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15. When a campus theater doesn't have an official Deadpool 2 poster

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16. Would you dare sit on this toilet?

© TheJoeyGuy / reddit  

17. A recycled TV!

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18. Because it's just as easy without water...

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