18 celebrities who trolled their fans with hilarious results!

Having your photo taken with your favorite celebrity is any fan's dream.  But watch out - these guys are just as good at photo-bombing and fooling around as we are!

Here are 18 stars who trolled their fans and the results are hilarious!

1. Tom Hanks stopped during a jog in Central Park to pose for this couple's wedding photos


2. Beyoncé promised to pull the same expression and she did it with style!

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3. Elijah Wood, the cream of the cream when it comes to hilarious fan pics!

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4. This Tom Hanks fan wanted a photo with him without leaving the house and the actor stepped up to the mark!

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5. When Will Smith offers to prop up a dancer!

6. Fabio, a muscular knight in shining armor, willing to sweep fans off their feet!

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7. In this 1983 photo, Sting is signing an autograph for no other than Gwen Stefani, who later became the lead singer of No Doubt


8. End of a long flight sitting next to Nicolas Cage…

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9. A podium of stars!


10. When you're a celebrity in your own right, but still a fan - that's Bill Murray in the background

11. Barack Obama pops in for a quick burger and fries!

12. When Nicolas Cage went to Kazakhstan he dressed up in a traditional outfit for his fan pics! 


13. Elmo, Magneto and Professor X line up for a photo


14. Alyssa Milano signing an autograph for... Eva Mendes!


15. Bill Murray proving that he has a great sense of humor! 

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16. Dwayne Johnson always adds his special touch to fan pics

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17. This man wanted a photo beside the Microsoft logo... guess who photo-bombed the picture!

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18. Miley Cyrus doing what she does best!


Photo credit: Splash News