18 beautifully-timed photos

The trick to getting the perfect shot is pressing the shutter at exactly the right time.  You may have to set up your equipment and wait for hours or even months to get the shot of a lifetime. And then along comes someone with a smartphone, who happens to pull it out of their pocket and immortalize something incredible without a second thought!

The following selection is a mixed bag of lucky snaps alongside other photos that took weeks to plan.  Either way, you'll have to agree they're awesome and worth every 'Like' and 'Share' they got!

1. An eagle flying at the same speed as a jet

© imgur  

2. Chameleons practicing their trapeze routine

© shutterstock.com  

3. Canon ball cat!

© imgur  

4. The headless gymnast

© chocolatechips / imgur  

5. A very cute photobomb

© Melissa Brantds / National Geographic  

6. Luisa Bodem hits the ground during the German long jump championships

© Hendrik Schmidt / AP Images  

7. Just a quick flick and he's gone

© subyamxapa / imgur  

8. The trees are watching you...

© Nezznaika / pikabu  

9. Have you ever seen a car give birth?

© DV123 / pikabu  

10. The best place to spend the night

© zarsql / pikabu 

11. This weird slice of onion was found in a burrito

© mai_hauran/ reddit  

12. Love is in the feline air...

© Mcklash / reddit  

13. When vehicles mimic Russian nesting dolls

© noathings / imgur  

14. So that's where she got the fabric for her new dress...

© Ozzyab / pikabu 

15. A multi-bladed wind turbine

© BunnyAdorbs / reddit  

16. This butterfly looks like its wearing a coded message

© imgur 

17. Forget K9's, try a bunny!

© wonheart / reddit  

18. Kangaroo vs trampoline!

© obiwancanolaoil / reddit