18 beautifully-timed photos

Taking an awesome photo is not just about resolution, shutter speed and light conditions... Timing is everything if you want your snaps to go viral and set your Instagram account on fire!

.From a sudden break in the clouds to an unusual angle or stroke of luck, some photos have such perfect timing that it's hard to believe the scenes are real! If you'd like to see what we mean, then check out the following amazing selection!

1. The sun being hoisted into place

© WullieBlake / Imgur  

2. When a sticker matches the guy sitting next to you

© mrevanbc / Reddit  

3. A wobbly table

© skovsky_x / Reddit  

4. Made for each other

© Shelldonkuper / Pikabu  

5. When checkered shirts are in style

© Stevenomics / Pikabu  

6. Let there be light

© Prostoilogin / Pikabu  

7. When a street light helps a tree to keep its leaves

© Raging_Gamer14 / Reddit  

8. When you catch your cat morphing into a bird.

© RobertMaguire_ / Twitter  

9. Spot the cat!

© Sezer079 / Reddit  

10. He thought he'd found a shady spot, but then the sun moved...

© Ugin242 / Pikabu  

11. The chosen one

© ARGOchain / Pikabu  

12. Perfect timing, perfect colors

© SarahGoddess13 / Reddit  

13. The wonder of bubble bath

© versaceacidtabs / Tumblr  

14. When you decide to have fun with your car

© Mouse1234567890 / Reddit  

15. Fancy a slice of pizza? 

© chiggo / Reddit  

16. When snow leaves behind a tooth

© 1618m / Pikabu  

17. When the sun turns water into a rainbow

© brentenross / Reddit  

18. When your head becomes a mask

© dhruveishp / Reddit