18 awesome photos taken from exactly the right angle!

The angle of a photo can make the difference between a humdrum shot and an awesome success - after all it's all about how we look at things! A slight tilt of the lens can produce mind-blowing optical illusions without resorting to special effects or retouches!

Here are 18 awesome photos that have been taken at exactly the right angle. What about you?  Do you have any cleverly angled shots that you'd like to share with us?

1. Remember to smile as you defy the laws of gravity

© lurkch/Imgur  

2. An amazing Photoshop free photo, but don't worry, no one was hurt!

© Shikabamdesertwolf/Reddit  

3. We love the inventive setup of this snap!

© suMMer30/Reddit  

4. Superglue or a clever angle?

5. It's a topsy turvey world out there!

© umar457/Imgur  

6. Why carry your wife in your arms when just a hand will do!

7. Her hair gives this shot away, but it's still a really cool idea

© BrainTaffy/Imgur  

8. This dog looks totally confused!

© DavidDawish/Imgur  

9. "Help, my hand's slipping!"

10. Great angle, but you can see he's having to tense up his abs to hold this position!

11. The Great Wall of China, seen from an original perspective!

© arbili/Reddit  

12. When you emerge from a parallel universe!

13. We love the grimace! A superb realistic touch!

14. When you need a good scream...

15. Superb shadow play!

© tumblr  

16. A stunning shot!

17. This may take you a second or two to work out!

© alskdjfh10293847/Imgur  

18. This one's a real brain teaser!

© TheGrisGrisMan/Imgur