18 astonishing design and repair job fails

How do you go about fixing something in your home? Do you call in a professional or do you dig out your toolbox and try your hand at some DIY? Whatever you decide to do, there's no guarantee that all will go well.

And if you're not used to doing repairs yourself, you could end up with catastrophic results! Suffice to say that not all of us are meant to work with our hands... So, if you've ever tried and failed to install or repair items, rest assured that you're not alone, as the following selection proves!

1. Maybe the occupants are exhibitionists?

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2. A spy hole for pets?

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3. The power of polyurethane foam

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4. What is it with restrooms and lack of privacy?

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5. Poop and shower at the same time

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6. Once upon a time there was a real window

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7. Time to ask the plumber for a full refund

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8. Don't worry, no one will notice

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9. A perfectionist's nightmare

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10. How not to fix a hole in a radiator

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11. Nope, we've no idea what possessed them to do this

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12. Accident waiting to happen...

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13. A curtain that lets in the light

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14. Time to call a professional locksmith

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15. Just don't get them mixed up!

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16. When you don't check the ceiling height

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17. How to heat the street and not your home

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18. Yes in some countries carpeted bathrooms are the norm!

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