18 alternate uses for everyday objects

You can find information on just about everything on the internet. For example, you can learn ways to use everyday objects for something that you hadn't thought of before – like taking two plastic cups and using them as speakers...

Some people have found tips to make everyone’s life a little easier. Check out the tips we’ve found below.

1. “My sister camouflages her AirPods in a dental floss container.”

© GregBuckingham / Reddit  

2. Use toothpaste to make shoe soles brighter.

© Iownfish / Reddit  

3. An orbital buffer also works on your glass-top range.

© certifiedintelligent / Reddit  

4. Here is a home speaker that costs almost nothing, except the time it takes to finish the roll!

© Levihartmusic / Reddit  

5. You can temporarily repair your cycling shoes with dental floss.

© wikthor82 / Reddit  

6. Cup holders double as burrito holders…

© Pr0tipz / Reddit  

7. Put a stocking on the end of your vacuum cleaner to catch tiny items, like earrings.

© Lance2150 / Reddit  

8. Parmesan cheese lids fit Mason jars!

© BionicUtilityDroid / Reddit  

9. Put sheet sets inside their matching pillowcases to keep your linen closet organized.

© greannn / Reddit  

10. A floss container makes a great phone holder…

© sirappleseed / Reddit  

11. If you have two damaged headphones, you can still listen to music.

© Mudd089 / Reddit 

12. Use a wine bottle for a rolling pin.

© luisaledez / Reddit  

13. Store onions in pantyhose.

© bombayern / Reddit  

14. A clothespin prevents your earbuds from getting tangled.

© better360 / Reddit  

15. Try using a hanger to close two packages!

© THE_LANDLAWD / Reddit  

16. A plastic bottle can be used as a shower head in a pinch.

© dontknowbuthello / Imgur  

17. If you don't have room to put your bucket in the sink...

© voy_conlag_mental / Reddit  

18. If you don’t have an iron, use a laptop!

© labadargidob / Reddit