17 unusual sights that deserve a closer look

Is our mind playing tricks on us or is what we see the real deal? Sometimes we'll see things that are so weird, we may think we're imagining it. It may turn out to be something real, an optical illusion or even a strange coincidence.

And, as in the case of the following snaps, timing is also a factor! Being in the right place at the right time can lead to some awesome shots that need a double take in order for our minds to separate fact from fiction.

1. A perfect match

© imgrum  

2. Because bacon comes from pigs

© IridiumIodide3/reddit  

3. We hope this is dried mud...

© TheRealKarlosFandango/imgur  

4. Land art

© landscape/twitter  

5. A thorny devil eating its own tail!

© Jawbreaker93/reddit  

6. When the bartender gives you a 4-leaf clover

© Madpony/reddit  

7. When trees refuse to touch each other

© TimeT0React/reddit  

8. Kitten thumbs

© GiorgioMD/reddit  

9. An abandoned hotel in Germany

© BunyipPouch/reddit  

10. What lies beneath

© this_bores_me/reddit  

11. A rainbow leaf

© Ghosttwo/reddit  

12. This looks like a skull

© Burbada/reddit  

13. Can you figure this out?

© come_on_now_guys/reddit  

14. An apple that was left outside during a freezing night

© carlito_mas/reddit  

15. When your shadow looks like Abraham Lincoln

© unknown/imgur  

16. A car decorated with toy cars

© likeliqor/reddit

17. When a mushroom gives you a hard stare

© ValdemarSt/reddit