17 touching photos that show people who truly care

Today’s world doesn’t leave as much room for emotions or tenderness as it did in the past. We take less time to enjoy the moment and our emotions when they are the strongest. So, we miss out on some incredible feelings.

So we need to take the time to live and enjoy pictures that make us smile, either for the joy or just to chill out for a minute. That’s exactly what you can do with these images.

1. “Even though he was tired, my dog just had to follow me into the bathroom in the middle of the night.”

© Thaimae/reddit  

2. Even cars get a little cold in the winter...

© Tverishka/pikabu  

3. This elderly man is taking care of his son's dog.

© Justaladyperson/reddit  

4. A specially made sweater for a snake...simple but smart!

© Rancor_Emperor/reddit  

5. Sometimes the best position is goalie!

© twicsy.com  

6. A cheerleader gets help so she can take a picture with a fan!

© Jcb2016/reddit  

7. Every winter, this guy puts clothes and shoes on a tree for anyone who needs them.

© SilentxSage/reddit  

8. This dog was cold but wasn’t allowed to go into the store, so his master left him his coat!

© joeboyib/reddit  

9. This bathroom ran out of toilet paper, so someone left their tissues.

© Zequez/reddit  

10. We aren’t sure the tiger is thinking the same thing as this child, but it's still beautiful!

© Dyrk Daniels/ Facebook  

11. My dog threw up, and then he kept me company while I cleaned it up!

© of_the_valley/reddit  

12. People left cans out for the homeless, so they wouldn’t have to dig through the trash to collect them.

© TobiasRules/reddit  

13. “Honey, I ran out of toilet paper!” This is what she sent.

© lvlr5anders/reddit  

14. It’s all good when we can lounge on the couch!

© arthik/pikabu  

15. A baseball player bought some more nachos for this fan after making him lose his first tray.

© ChiTribNuccio/twitter  

16. Google is concerned about the privacy of cows too!

© BrothersInGame/reddit 

17. Some small steps for a tiny dog!

© potato-face-129/reddit