17 touching photos of kindness in action

Kind people and generous behavior make the world a better place. Here's a selection of people who brightened someone's day, and they're guaranteed to warm your heart.

Some people's thoughtfulness is unconditional, meaning they help strangers, the planet or animals as much as their close ones. It's thanks to them that good still exists in the world, helping us to keep our faith in humanity.

Here are 17 photos that show kindness is still very much alive and kicking!

1. She may be evil, but this little guy still loves her!

© better-off-ted/ Reddit

2. Picking up all the cigarette butts on his street

© leetstreet101/ Reddit

3. He made a 3D prosthetic leg for his daughter's Wonder Woman

© rduterte/ Reddit

4. For his grandma, after his grandpa passed away

© unusedusername42/ Reddit

5. A little sugar dissolved in water helps tired bees regain their energy

© Mrdazjames/ Reddit

6. Every Christmas, his grandma sends him a homemade cookie selection

© 000vicky000/ Reddit

7. Never-ending love

© zombiezzrule/ Reddit

8. It's not often delivery personnel get a "thank you"

© J3N1RaY/ Imgur

9. Every good deed deserves one in return!

© level1biscuit/ Imgur

10. When he learned his dad loved this drink, he ordered a good supply

© glowbabeglow/ Reddit

11. This family adopted a pregnant dog, who shortly after gave birth to this litter

© I-Hate-S***/ Reddit

12. Definition of "true love"

© Dominicanaso/ Imgur

18. He bought his girlfriend's grandpa an Oculus

© jesusismyupline/ Reddit

13. Her dementia patient gave her this watercolor of the cat he believes he has

© corry26/ Reddit

15. A heartfelt thank-you to their teacher

© genuinesasksealskin/ Reddit

16. Helping a stranger to change a tyre

© h*theotherside/ Reddit

17. Definitely something to celebrate!

© SenileTomato/ Reddit