17 touching moments that show family love

When it comes to friends (and especially family), we don’t have to say anything to express our love for them or to feel their love for us. The slightest gesture can be taken as proof of love.

The slightest intention is commendable, even though it may not always be perfect. The slightest gesture, or a simple thank you is received with tenderness. Love allows you to live in perfect harmony. Check out these touching examples of family love below.

1. When Dad feeds these birds every morning, he puts their food in the shape of a heart, so this is what Mom sees…

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2. “Whenever my fiancé hears a song he thinks I’ll like, he writes the title on a piece of paper, so we can listen to it at night.”

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3. This 98-year-old lady always gets money to put in her piggy bank. This birthday is no different.

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4. On that particular day, this policeman had a traumatic day, where 2 young children died in a car accident. Here, he's holding his daughter tight.

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5. Harmony in a family summed up in one picture

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6. There are no words to describe the bond they have.

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7. Like father, like son!

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8. “My wife is listening to her grandmother’s voice for the first time. Her grandmother passed away from breast cancer in 1973, three years before she was born.”

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9. When your child confuses you with a Lego, you just play along!

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10. Adopting cats can often be a wonderful gift!

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11. When you come home from a 12-hour night shift and clear off your wife’s car so she can go to work.

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12. Her grandson gave her some coins when he was 2. After she passed away, he found this while going through her things...

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13. This is how my grandma keeps her wedding dress since my grandpa died. That’s love!

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14. The whole family wears bike helmets in support of the baby!

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15. When my grandpa and his dog go out and brave the cold…

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16. He just grew a little…

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17. “My mom always baked me a cake for my birthday. She just passed away and my dad took over. He did the best he could do.”

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