17 times when someone managed to immortalize a rare moment

How many times have you managed to snap some of the weird and wonderful things you've witnessed? Thanks to social media, pros and amateurs alike can nowadays share their extraordinary experiences or mind-blowing sights with the rest of us!

From optical illusions to lucky finds, here are 17 times when someone managed to immortalize a rare moment!

1. You may think this is a TV, but it's actually a boulder with a perfectly cut, rectangular hole!

© gemie / pikabu

2. A bench in the form a book... Perfect for an afternoon's read!

© zmf525 / reddit  

3. This guy found a pearl in his oyster!

© RaiseHellPraiseDale3 / reddit  

4. This cup is typical of ones once used by men who didn't want to get their moustaches wet when they drank!

© strychnine213 / reddit  

5. How many layers of paint can you see on this New York subway post?

© k2qra / reddit  

6. A giant heart made entirely with LEGO!

© davekmv / reddit  

7. When sandpaper matches the surface of Jupiter

© fugazithreats / reddit  

8. This lady discovered her cat has a double canine!

© fuzzywumpkinz / reddit  

9. When the wind sculpts the snowfall on your terrace!

© jdpafundi / reddit  

10. A baby pink flamingo learning to stand on one leg!

© teaula / reddit  

11. This lady has 2 sets of DNA, meaning she's her own twin!

12. A giant sushi playground!

© avangarv / pikabu  

13. A lab where the ceiling's decorated with the periodic table

© HimiCat / pikabu  

14. A tornado takes form

© Petaaa / reddit  

15. This guy sawed a table in half only to find that he'd sliced through a hidden screw

© GreasyPorkGoodness / reddit  

16. When you find the cliff used on Clif bars!

© AnGabhaDubh / reddit  

17. This lady received a 100th birthday telegram from the Queen of England. She let the mailman take her picture on the condition that ’everyone’ would see it.

© albo_underhill / reddit