17 teachers whose students really want to go to class

Classes aren’t always very interesting. That is, unless the teacher knows exactly how to get your attention, and keep it for one, two, or even three hours.

Some teachers are so great that you can’t wait to go back to class to let them pick up where they left off. To continue their story in their special way of telling it. We’ve all had one of these great teachers, either when we were young or currently. Here are some examples!

1. When a teacher manages to draw a map of the world freehand in every detail!

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2. When you wonder what it says on the teacher's water bottle…

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3. This substitute teacher had a pretty cool look...

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4. Sometimes punishments can make you smile. These two guys were fighting and had the choice of holding hands for an hour or getting suspended!

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5. This teacher shows funny memes every week.

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6. In the school yearbook... these 2 teachers apparently like to joke around.

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7. A teacher who knows how to stay happy! After he lost a bet, he had to skate to class!

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8. There’s no better answer, is there? 

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9. When the teacher is grading papers and starts spinning a basketball at the same time!

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10. A huge aquarium that doubles as a desk!

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11. When you notice that your teacher is a weekend handyman!

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12. When you hope to get this Indiana Jones teacher next year!

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13. This classroom’s walls are interesting... all done by the teacher herself!

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14. Because teachers are people like everyone else, they sometimes don’t have a dog sitter.

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15. Is it Halloween? No, but my teacher dressed up anyway!

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16. When you can’t wait for vacation...

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17. This is how some students represented their technology teacher... (He’s often absent!)

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