17 situations where people had a very lucky escape!

We all have bad moments - life is, after all, full of ups and downs.  But some people have had some really lucky escapes, to the point where we wonder if they've got a guardian angel keeping watch over them... 

Here are 17 situations where people almost found themselves in a lot of trouble, but by some stroke of luck managed to escape unharmed!

1. A few centimeters from an amputated toe

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2. Something made this guy wriggle the card slot!

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3. A very close call!

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4. When you're about to start cooking, but suddenly see something move... Luckily cats have 9 lives!

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5. The night a huge landslide in Italy dislodged a giant boulder that rolled down the hill...

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6. When sea levels suddenly rise and only leave centimeters to spare!

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7. When the chain on your chainsaw suddenly detaches and your smartphone saves you from a certain death!

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8. When you crawled in drunk at 3.57am!

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9. Always look where you step when getting out of a bath!

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10. When your yacht almost capsizes

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11. This man usually put his wallet in the pocket of his pants, but on this day he decided to put it in his jacket pocket...

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12. When you manage to duck in time!

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13. This guy was drinking a soda in his golf buggy when suddenly something knocked the can out of his hand... This is what he saw when he managed to find it!

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14. When a hockey player almost has his face sliced in half

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15. That's what we call a hairsbreadth!

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16. Another reason why you should never walk around barefoot!

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17. What are the chances of this happening?

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