17 practical inventions and re-worked designs set to change the world

Most inventions are designed to be practical, even if they sometimes look like they're from another planet... Their creators have often spent years coming up with an idea and prototype. Their reasons are many, but in the majority of the cases, it's because they want to simplify their lives and also to potentially help thousands of users.

There are inventions that take the world by storm, while others may just remain between friends. Even if an idea doesn't take off, the inventor has at least found a solution to one of their problems. So in honor of these creative geniuses, here are 17 inventions that have revolutionized the lives of their users.

1. An electric bicycle that looks like a little car and means cyclists can go out in all weather

© PodRide / facebook  

2. A clip-on horseshoe that protects horses' hooves and joints.

© horserunners.com  

3. A battery that can be recharged via a USB cable

© fallensk8r / reddit  

4. A hammer that works like a staple!

© designboom.com  

5. A plastic that biodegrades in less than 3 years

© greenoptimistic.com  

6. In China, these buildings only take a day to construct

© broad.com  

7. A hidden camera detector

© commonvanilla / reddit  

8. A spoon-fork

© MarshieMon / reddit  

9. Honey in balls rather than pots

© awusuwah / reddit  

10. A hole in a shower panel so you can adjust the temperature without getting burnt or wet!

© paranatik / reddit  

11. A futuristic invention: a wall plug without a plug - this uses induction

© sssk123 / pikabu  

12. In Singapore, elderly pedestrians can tap their Identity Card to have more time at the pedestrian crossing.

© NickyNek / reddit  

13. Table service at McDonald's

© jacob3ch / reddit  

14. A revolutionary product that quickly puts out fires

© Baked_anne_frink / reddit  

15. A projector that's hidden in the ceiling

© -Bundle-of-Sticks- / reddit  

16. Prosthetics for elephants

© EviscerationNation / reddit  

17. Holland's latest waste disposal method - now being introduced in France!

© aqai / reddit