17 photos taken in less than flattering situations

You can say it. People like to show themselves in their best light. Picture fails are rarely shared on the internet. The same can be said about strange or bizarre photos that don’t show someone’s best side.

However, people are always posting pictures taken at the wrong time on the internet. Or at least ones taken at times that don't really benefit them. But that’s ok, because they aren’t ashamed of anything. And you can see a few of them below...

1. The best selfie ever

© Fart_Muffin / Reddit  

2. This woman is pregnant in her right leg...

© I_AM_HE_WHO_IS_I_AM / Reddit  

3. A photo that would’ve been beautiful... without the bug flying by!

© allbentatthehandle / Reddit  

4. When you want to take a panoramic photo, but people are moving.

© Cyners / Reddit  

5. Their food arrived 10 minutes ago…

© cyan1618 / Reddit  

6. He did a Face Swipe with his favorite figurine…they kind of look similar, don’t they?

© ShadowCotton / Reddit  

7. Apparently animals love selfies...

© theOG_Stan / Reddit   © twonkoe / Reddit  

8. A real wedding photo, which shows how tiring that day can be.

© yungizzyy / Twitter  

9. When you take things a little too seriously…

© PooterContributor / Reddit  

10. It was almost perfect... and then this pigeon ruined it all.

© fatherofbabydragons / Reddit  

11. Bad photo placement can make all the difference.

© YourGodDaddy / Reddit  

12. Okay, so this snake doesn't like pictures.

© TartFishTaco / Reddit  

13. This will end up being a picture of a disaster…poor kid.

© PolarLight / Reddit  

14. My friend just wanted a picture with her ice cream but ended up reproducing a very popular meme.

© pjmboothang / Twitter  

15. “Fortunately, with my boyfriend, I don’t have to worry about people thinking I’m hot. Here’s a picture I took of him vs. one he took of me.”

© aleeomo / Twitter  

16. The reflection makes you think there’s a hand coming out of the sofa.

© Dirk41theDemigod / Reddit  

17. “My dad tried to take a panoramic photo of me.”

© sc_x_cs / Twitter