17 photos that show the beauty and harshness of winter

In some parts of the earth, living during the winter poses a real challenge. The cold is overwhelming and just going outside can be torture. We admit that a blanket of snow can be beautiful, as long as it doesn’t paralyze the whole country and its economy.

During the winter, you have to admit that it’s better to observe the weather outside from the warmth of your home, under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa. That’s the only way some of us could survive the extreme conditions that shown in the photos below.

1. This brave dog who went for a walk outside (and then quickly came back in)…

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2. My wife’s hair after basking in hot springs when the outside temperature is -20 degrees.

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3. “Well, are you going to let me in now? It's too cold!”

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4. It may be a little hard to go to work this morning…

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5. Ice is not only annoying, it's also beautiful…

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6. Careful now

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7. A ghost was created by the ice…

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8. This is why you should always raise your wipers when it snows.

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9. The snow makes this statue look like it’s floating.

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10. You’ll have to put this sauce in the microwave for a minute…

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11. These pants can stand up on their own, like there’s an invisible man in them…

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12. “It’s so cold in the bathroom at work that the toilet water froze today.”

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13. Whose idea was it to have a cold Coke in this weather?

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14. We wish him luck...

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15. In winter, you should wear a winter hat, not a baseball cap!

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16. Snowy cat

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17. Another one of Mother Nature’s works of art. This one looks like a spider web.

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