17 photos that prove the world is full of surprises

The world is constantly surprising us. Not a day passes without something new happening. It may be a discovery, a changing landscape, weather conditions, or simply a moment in time when we look at something from a different angle.

And when we travel, we can expect to experience sights and sounds that are well beyond the comfort zone of our home life. The following is selection of photos taken by quick-snapping people who were amazed at what they saw before their eyes! 

1. A snail with a tiny hornets nest on its back

© Simmerium / pikabu  

2. Aerial view of Venice!

© loki010 / reddit  

3. A woven tree trunk

© Tamtumverde / pikabu  

4. A perfectly framed London Eye!

© Jezep / reddit  

5. An Elasmotherium, a unicorn-like creature that roamed the Earth 29,000 years ago

© dingobopper / imgur  

6. A "pregnant" pepper

© Ve-me-a / reddit  

7. When a branch looks just like an alligator

© frobie2323 / reddit  

8. A ski station during summer!

© QAAQ / pikabu  

9. Have you ever eaten a straight banana?

© Mau120 / reddit  

10. A rose with two hearts

© yung-grandma / reddit  

11. Mutant daisies

© xCharlesx / reddit  

12. When a shadow lines up with a sidewalk

© aumbe / reddit  

13. Mirror image!

© kispalya / reddit  

14. A volcano before and after an eruption!

© holykash / pikabu  

15. If you know where to look, you can sometimes see Saturn on a sunny day!

© jamesmccarthy / reddit  

16. Puppy love!

© qwertyas123 / reddit  

17. Ever seen a cat with thumbs?

© bananamoonpies / reddit