17 photos that prove we live in a wonderful world

Have you ever seen the end of a rainbow or did you know that 'golden' tigers exist? Have you ever come across stones that look like fluffy balls? This may all sound a bit unreal, but some lucky people have not only witnessed the stranger things in life, but have also managed to photograph them! The great thing about social networks is that weird things that were once the stuff of legends can now be seen by us all!

Here are 17 incredible sights that few of us will ever see for real, but prove that we live in a wonderful world!

1. A golden tiger, one of only 30 or so that still exist

© seerebiifan/Reddit  

2.  This mineral's called okenite and looks like fluffy, furry balls

© RiversSong/Pikabu  

3. 'Life Is An Open Book', an awesome sculpture by Brad Spencer on display in Charlotte, New York

© Brad Spencer  

4. This man has managed to cultivate a 'lime-on'

© McNifficence/Reddit  

5. Hail stones that fell during a storm in Alabama

© willie1707/Reddit  

6. Processionary caterpillars cross a field in Australia

© Mr.Kerby/Pikabu  

7. Ever met someone with fingers as long as this?

© roguecromm/Reddit  

8. A manta ray egg!

© MifXch/Pikabu  

9. Un uprooted baobab tree sprouts new branches!

© dimatteo702/Imgur  

10. When high winds form 'snow rolls'

© Shabe/Reddit  

11. The end (or rather birth) of a rainbow

© EssEssSee/Reddit  

12. A flying fish

© tunaguy/Reddit  

13. A double-jointed boy!

© Twitter  

14. A huge flock of swallows covers the sky in Rome

© Imgur  

15. A long, oval egg!

© JustADumbDog/Reddit  

16. Transporting hay in India

© seracbey y?ld?z  

17. A 0€ bill, one of a limited edition of 5,000 brought out to mark Karl Marx's 200th birthday!

© Trier erleben/Facebook