17 photos that prove having fun with co-workers makes all the difference

Enjoying your job usually means getting on with your co-workers. Unless you have your own office, you'll spend hours each day sharing an open space, so, when we start a new job, we all cross our fingers.

There is nothing better than a co-worker who has a great sense of humor. They get their job done, but help to keep an unbeat office atmosphere. In other words, they adapt to all situations without creating any unnecessary dramas! A bit like these guys below - we'd love to have them in our office!

1. This guy built this castle for his co-worker's birthday

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2. When you want to cheer up a co-worker who misses rural life

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4. If you say so...

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5. When you realize your co-worker is the spitting image of Jimmy Valmer from Southpark

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6. When your co-worker decides to customize your keyboard

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7. We so hope this prank doesn't backfire

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8. A blow-up doll or someone bored to death?

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9. These people made 100 lunches for kids from poorer families and then decorated each bag.

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10. When you get back to your desk after a 5-minute break

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11. When a restaurant co-worker leaves a gift in the fridge

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12. When your favorite co-worker leaves for another job

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13. Imagine seeing this as you put out the office trash

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14. "My co-worker injured himself and ended up with 3 stitches after cutting an avocado"

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15. When your co-workers are dogs!

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16. When a garden gnome drops by McDonald's

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17. We can't wait to try this one out!

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